Do you work in a School in Derby? Then we're here to help with your wellbeing...

Boost your Wellbeing everyday...

Have a social media blackout day. No facebook/instagram, nothing. All day.

Upcoming programmes for you...

School leaders programme

Watch at 9:30am on Thursday 12th May

We know that, right now, people are exhausted. Everyone’s running on empty.

Derby Wellbeing 365 is a wellbeing program aimed at teachers, teaching assistants, ECT's, support staff, new staff, old staff, parents... basically anyone working in or with a school in Derby.

We want to help you create ‘world class’ schools. To do that, we need staff to be fizzing with energy, creativity and positivity. We're not saying that’s easy, but we are promising that it’s possible. You just need to know how.

That’s what our programme is all about. On this site, you’ll find lots of opportunities to upskill yourself in areas of wellbeing, happiness, resilience, purpose, strengths, self-care, mindfulness... all the things that help you be your best self, more often.

So, let's get you started. There is loads that you can do, all at your own pace. Just visit our wellbeing support pages.