Wellbeing Workout

The Wellbeing Workout is designed as a mental health ‘6-pack’. The 6 webinar programme is designed to equip you with knowledge, skills and knowhow to upgrade to ‘best possible self’ more often.

There is no silver bullet of wellbeing, but there are things that you can learn from the science of human flourishing that will help you take good care of yourself.

The Wellbeing Workout is science based, but is delivered with a light touch. That means we’ve removed the big words and replaced them with simplicity, do-able principles and bags of fun.

The wellbeing lessons are transferrable to all aspects of your life so you will feel the benefits at work and home.

Working in education is both physically and emotionally exhausting. Our starting point is that, yes, children and young people are important but the most important person you will ever look after is yourself.

Hence this series is focused on YOU, at work and home.

The big question is ‘what can YOU do about YOU?’

The short answer is ‘A LOT!’

The Wellbeing Workout is based on the latest thinking in areas of positive psychology and human flourishing. If we cannot wave a magic wand and make life’s challenges go away, then the only way forward is to realise that these challenges are your life.

The Wellbeing Workout seeks to raise the bar from mental health to mental WEALTH. It sets out practical ways to enable you to help yourself

You will learn

  • The basics of positive psychology (the science of wellness)
  • How to be more resilient
  • How to bounce back when life knocks you for six
  • How to change the negative voice in your head
  • How to positively impact on those around you
  • How to live more ‘in the moment’
  • How to have more energy and positivity


1 - The Art of Being Brilliant (Your Wellbeing Launch Pad)
Broadcast on 28/2/2022
2 - Self Care (It’s All About YOU)
3 - Bouncebackability (Rolling With Life’s Punches)
4 - Real vs Hyper Real (Your matter matters)
5 - Imposter Syndrome (How to Get Out of Your Own Way)
6 - Head Space (It’s All About Now)